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Something Old AND Something New

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Do you own any heirlooms that are currently collecting dust in a jewelry box? You don’t want to get rid of great grandma’s brooch that she gifted to you for your tenth birthday, but maybe brooches just aren’t for you . . .

If you own some sentimental estate pieces that do not fit you or your style, talk to a trusted jeweler about design options. Below, explore some common re-purposing projects:

  • Change out worn or unwanted metals. For example, want to upgrade a silver ring to white gold? Our jewelers can carefully remove and reset the your stones from old band to new.

  • Remove precious gems and set them into a new pendant, ring, or earrings. This way, an un-stylish ring can be transformed into a chic necklace, or vice versa.

  • Is your necklace too long? Strung beads and pearls can be restrung and shortened; we can also combine different necklaces to create an entirely new, assorted look.

For more inspiration on custom design projects, check out our video.

Video Transcript:

A customer brought in their beautiful diamond platinum diamond ring.

The top of the ring was in perfect condition, but the band was completely worn out and needed to be replaced. Wanting to change the ring to two-tone, they also brought an 18K yellow gold and diamond ring that they were not using to be made into the new band.

We first removed the diamond from the unwanted ring. Then we melted it in a crucible using oxyacetylene flame. When the gold became liquid from fire of the torch, we poured it into an ingot mold where it cooled instantly. Then removing the bar from the mold, we began to form it into the band that would fit the beautiful platinum top.

After finishing the form and striking it with an 18k quality stamp, we then welded the two together to make the complete ring.

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